Fees are based on the time it actually takes for the Notary Signature, Stamp and Official Seal to be applied to the relevant document/s. This is nearly always cheaper than per document fee structures. 

Please Note:

  • Our notarisation fees are determined by appointment length.
  • We provide estimates only, not quotes.

Notary Appointment LengthApproximate SignaturesFeeFee (Credit Card)
1 – 5 MinutesApprox 1 to 3 signatures on document/s$99$102
6 – 10 MinutesApprox 4 to 6 signatures on document/s$132$135
11 – 15 MinutesApprox 7 to 10 signatures on document/s (or 1 Notarial Certificate)$176$180
16 – 20 MinutesApprox 11 to 14 signatures on document/s$220$225
21 – 25 MinutesApprox 15 to 18 signatures on document/s (or 2 Notarial Certificates)$275$281
26 – 30 MinutesApprox 19 to 21 signatures on document/s (or 3 Notarial Certificates)$330$337
Offsite Notarial Services per hour$550$561
Admin Services per 10 mins$33$34
Legal Services per hour

Note that the above figures are estimates only.  The actual fee will be based on the actual amount of time taken to notarise the documents presented.

Offsite Notarial Appointment Fees

If the notarisation occurs off site, namely, outside the premises of the 200 Queen Street Office and the Box Hill South Office, the fee time period begins and ends upon leaving and returning to the closest notarial Office.

Optional DFAT Services Fees

Should you require us to attend the office of The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for urgent turnaround services, there is an additional fee per batch of documents.

DFAT charges $92 for each Apostille Certificate / Authentication Certificate.