Arranging a DFAT Apostille or Authentication on your behalf

This office provides the full range of notarial services and administration services for arranging stamping by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Our administration fee to arrange DFAT certificates (Apostille or Authentication) is $165. Plus DFAT’s fee is $92 for each Apostille or Authentication certificate. These fees do not include the notarisation fee that may be required. Please see fees for more information regarding this.

It is the client’s responsibility to determine whether an Australian Apostille or Authentication certificate is required by the overseas authority which will be relying on the notarised document. It is not for this office to advise on what will be acceptable to the receiving overseas entity.

Where an ORIGINAL Australian or State Government document is required to be sent overseas (for example, a Police Clearance Certificate, a Birth Certificate, a Marriage Certificate or a Death Certificate, no notarization is permitted on the original Australian or State government document – all that needs to be ascertained by the client is whether the overseas entity requires an Apostille or Authentication.

As is conventional where professional services are required, we will provide specific advice on the day of any appointment made with this office. Instant bookings for either of our two locations can be made online at However, for simple queries relating to preliminary information but not detailed advice, our Office Manager can be reached on +61 483 045 589. If your query is complex and time-consuming, then appropriate advice will be provided at the appointment with the Notary.